Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Doesn't the Media Show these Pictures?

In recent weeks we've heard the Media lament President Obama's wise decision NOT to release any more photographs of Abu Ghraib and other possible cases of detainee abuse. I'm surprised the release was even considered in the first place, but ultimately, wisdom prevailed. Prime Minister Nouri Maliki also reportedly asked President Obama not to release the photographs and I imagine that request also played into the President's decision.

President Obama made an excellent decision. The Media (mainly MSNBC, that bastion of insanity) however decries this lack of transparency and calls for the pictures to be released. This is the same Media that can hardly find a good thing to say about the men and women of the US Military (Steven Colbert, FOX News, Lou Dobbs (though he can be kinda nutty on immigration), and a few others at ABC not withstanding). I was recently forwarded a prayer wheel that showed the real story of Iraq in pictures. These are the pictures that some apparently don't want people to see, they would characterize the men and women of the US Military not as monsters who revel in the torture and degradation of the Iraqi people but as upstanding human beings who care.

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't support the media narrative and contrary to what they may say, there is a basic hostility to the military within these circles. BTW, the dems in congress are trying to get the "torture" photos out into the mainstream. Obama didn't issue an executive order barring them from doing that - perhaps if they are published he can hide behind the ruse that he didn't want them out there - but he didn't do all that he could to prevent someone else from publishing them.