Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Cedar Revolution Lives!

I am a little late to the celebration, but I am celebrating nonetheless:

In Lebanon, Hizballah was handed an electoral defeat, despite their alliance with the Christian leader, GEN Auon. My Lebanese friends were delighted by the election results. When asked about GEN Auon, they could only shake their heads at his betrayal. They said that he was so eager to become President that he was willing to make a deal with the devil. Sadly, that isn’t uncommon, but their reaction expresses the bitter disappointment such a betrayal naturally produces. Yet, despite this alliance that for a time looked like it would emerge the victor; the pro-Western, pro-US government of Lebanon won. The Cedar Revolution continues. My friend could hardly contain his glee at the results and went on, “and now it will make things difficult in Tehran”.

It would seem that there is some difficulty for the Iranian Regime at this time, but with the future very much in doubt. Are we witnessing just another Prague Spring of 1968 or something more akin to 1989 across the former Eastern Bloc. Only Time will tell what the results will be.

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