Monday, June 23, 2008

Moment of Truth in Iraq -- A Must Read

In general the media coverage of the Iraq War and the War on Terror in general has been horrendous. The notable exception has been the “New Media”. This collection of independent journalists and bloggers provide the best picture of the war.

Bill Roggio’s Long War Journal covers the entire Global War on Terror (GWOT) from Operation Enduring Freedom to Iraq, from the tribal regions of Pakistan to the Maghreb. Not all the posts are his own, but a compilation of the efforts of numerous journalists to cover the entirety of the War on Terror. represents a one-stop-shop for Operation Iraqi Freedom. It pulls from Mr. Roggio’s work on the Long War Journal, other news agencies and bloggers and think tanks to provide an accurate and complete picture of Iraq.

The best journalist covering Iraq today, is Michael Yon. To quote from his biography, “Michael Yon is hands-down the best and most exciting battlefield reporter working today, internationally renowned for his dispatches and photos seen by millions around the world. Yon, who has spent more time embedded with U.S. combat forces in Iraq than any journalist in the world, is totally independent and has never been co-opted by Left or Right, Military or Media.”

He has recently released a new book, “Moment of Truth in Iraq”, from which the above was quoted. The book provides a powerful picture of the changing situation in Iraq as it struggled through the liberation from Saddam in Operation Iraqi Freedom, emerged from the brink (or fact) of civil war in 2006, to the success of the surge in 2007 and 2008. Against all this, “The war isn’t over yet. Victory remains in question. The choice is ours, the time is now – for a moment of truth in Iraq” (Yon 227).

Michael Yon traces the mistakes that were made, but more importantly the actions that have countered those mistakes. Al Qaeda came to Iraq. Al Qaeda sought to establish its Caliphate in Iraq, “but there will be no caliphate. Al Qaeda has lost Iraq” (199). Michael Yon worked directly with the Iraqi people, interviewing them, photographing them, and telling their stories. He repeats one lesson again and again, “Iraqis are willing to fight for Iraq” (Yon 223).

I urge you to please read this book. Since he is independently financed, he relies on donations from us, the reader. I urge you to consider donating to his website or purchasing his book. Let your friends and family know about this book. Tell your public libraries to carry this book. Help Michael Yon tell the story about the “Moment of Truth in Iraq.”

Michael Yon is a great American journalist.

Michael Yon's New Book, Moment of Truth Available Now!

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Dad29 said...

Godspeed over there.

We have another friend in the sandbox who is with the Civil Affairs (Green Bay) company.

He's also a Wisconsin Legislator--Mark Gundrum. Worth meeting, if you get a chance.