Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Good Friday is Good because it accomplishes what Jesus Christ set out to accomplish by becoming incarnate in the Flesh through the Virgin Mary. It is Good because the act is made complete with His Resurrection from the Tomb. It is Good because it was the singular act that was for the expiation of the sins of the world. It is Good because it is the Act that brings Heaven and Earth together.

It is indeed Good, despite all the pain and suffering He endured. What He accomplished by it for us made it Good.

The Passion of the Christ is an excellent movie but my favorite part is how Mel Gibson ties together the Last Supper with the Crucifixion. Just as every Sacrament of the Mass is the re-presentation of Christ's supreme sacrifice, so the Last Supper is a pre-presentation of that gift. The movie more than any other, through the eyes of the Apostle St. John, makes that unmistakable link between the Eucharist and the Cross of Calvary. It is indeed Good.

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