Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Victory in Massachusetts

Wow! A Republican won in the bluer than blue state of Massachusetts. I never thought I would see that happen; it may have truly been the people's seat, but for the last 40+ years, it was the Kennedy seat.

Brown's improbable victory highlights the discontent across America (though in this case as highlighted by the voters of the Bay State) on the economy, on our ever expansive government and on the government's attempt to nationalize 1/6 of the US Economy, the Health Care Industry.

Scott Brown is now the 41st Vote against Pelosi-Reid Care. Unless the House passes the Senate Bill (unlikely) or Reid goes nuclear in the Senate (Budget Reconciliation), the unmitigated disaster that is either the House or Senate Bills can be stopped. That means no more Louisiana Purchase ($300 million medicare carve-out for Mary Landrieu), no more Cornhusker Kickback (a special exemption for Nebraska on any increase in Medicaid), and the Union Bribe (Union "Cadillac" plans are exempt from a new 40% excise tax, but non-union plans aren't). He ran on that platform and was elected by the people of Massachusetts to stop this legislative travesty.

He ran on across-the-board tax cuts in the spirit of President John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy knew that an economy was stimulated by giving money back to its citizens, not by government spending.

He ran on a platform that called for an end to the ever burgeoning federal budget deficits and to belt-tightening in Washington (both parties should pay particular attention, since the GOP of the 2000s was nearly as spendthrift as Pelosi and Reid).

Like Bob McDonnell in Virginia, Scott Brown demonstrated to a Republican Party that is lost in the Wilderness, a road back to national prominence and success. The focus needs to be on jobs, economic freedom, and National Security. I'm not sure what the Republican party actually ran on in 2006 and 2008, but when you can't really tell the difference between the parties, one might as well go "all in".

Many commentators have asked if the Democrats and President Obama will listen to the result. I think a better question is will the Republicans.

1. The Democrats will not attempt a course-correction but will try to "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" with their far-left agenda.
2. The GOP will retake the House in the 2010 Midterms (that's going out on a ledge a bit because it calls for a significant capture of 40+ seats, but I think it can happen).
3. The GOP will capture a minimum of four Senate seats (I'm conservative here). I think Nevada, North Dakota (for sure), Arkansas, and Colorado will move Red. I think Delaware and Pennsylvania are strong possibilities as well and Indiana could be if Rep Mike Pence is serious about running. Connecticut, Illinois and California are really pipe dreams, but then, a week ago, so was Massachusetts. The Republicans most likely loss would be in New Hampshire (it's New England).

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