Saturday, November 14, 2009

Milwaukee Meets Her New Bishop

The Vatican announced that Bishop Jerome E. Listecki would serve as the next Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

He was initially appointed an auxiliary bishop of Chicago by Pope John Paul the Great and in 2005 took charge of the Diocese of LaCrosse. Now, in 2009 he will come to Milwaukee to take over the task of rejuvenation of the Catholic identity of SE Wisconsin begun by Archbishop Dolan.

What is most hopeful about Bishop Listecki is his past success with vocations to the Priesthood. Just as Dolan helped reinvigorate Vocations after the disastrous Weakland years, Bishop Listecki has a proven track record. He ordained six men in 2009 to the LaCrosse Priesthood. He also helped oversee the ordination of nine other men for the Archdiocese in his short tenure. Twenty-Six Women from the Diocese also entered consecrated religious life. His concern for Vocations speaks well for the continuing growth of that area in Milwaukee.

The Journal Sentinel's highlights that Bishop Listecki is not likely a choice to make Progressive "Catholics" happy. That is a good thing. He spoke out against Speaker Nancy Pelosi's heretical argument that her support for Abortion is consistent with Faithful Catholicism. He also joined in the criticism of the University of Notre Dame over their choice of a commencement speaker.

The Bishops of Wisconsin greeted Bishop Listecki as he moves across the state and issued statements welcoming him to the task.

And here is Bishop Listecki's statement on his appointment.

Of particular note is that Bishop Listecki is a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves. For the rest of his biography click here.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is blessed to have Archbishop Dolan followed by Bishop Listecki. He will be a strong Orthodox voice, a Bishop focused on Vocations, and a friendly pastoral bishop for the Archdiocese.