Friday, June 11, 2010

The Big Ten

It's official, the nation's most storied (and most mathematically challenged) conference has a new member.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers officially applied and received permission to join the Big Ten. Big Red now brings the number of teams in the conference to 12. It also brings with it a prestigious football pedigree (and in a few other sports) and a spirited fan base that travels. The Big Ten can also now join the ACC and SEC in holding a Conference Championship Game (something the Big 12 previously enjoyed before it was dismembered by the long knives of both the Big Ten and the more aggressive Pac-10).

I personally would have preferred that the Big Ten added just one team as part of its expansion. That team wasn't Nebraska, but if the expansion stops there, it works. That being said, every Big Ten fan is hoping that Notre Dame can finally be lured from its Independent Status to join the conference for which it truly belongs. To do that, the Big Ten must expand to 14 teams. Assuming Notre Dame can be lured as they witness Armageddon in the Football Championship SubDivision, who should the 14th team be?

My vote would be for Rutgers or Pittsburgh.

And, how does the Big Ten redesign its logo?


Virginia Meagher said...

Happy birthday a day late! It must be the week for such things. Judith's birthday was Monday, two of her day care buddies had birthdays on Wednesday (one turned two and the other three) and her best friend has her birthday today. With nine kids at the day care, to have four with birthdays in the same week is an awful lot of sugar!

I hope you had a good celebration. How's the new house coming along?

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