Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dave Obey Calls it Quits

This is a great day for the United States and for Wisconsin. The Liberal Lion, Representative Dave Obey of Wisconsin has announced his retirement. Congressman Obey was the poster-child for congressional term-limits. He also held that honor for pork spending (though one could argue he shares that with most Congressmen). He was a tireless advocate of government, the Social Welfare State, and a close ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But, he was principled in his belief and faith in those things and there was no triangulation in him.

Both Obey and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will deny it, but Sean Duffy was a huge reason behind this retirement. For the first time in decades, Dave Obey faced a vigorous challenge in November. That, coupled with the current climate, did not make it conducive to be a big-spending, big-government, liberal incumbent.

In that respect, Rep Dave Obey is a lot like Rep Bart Stupak, though, Dave Obey was, despite all the disagreements, a principled man who passionately believed in bigger government, government spending, and the social welfare state. Representative Stupak sensed a strong challenger and pulled out, but he also sold out his principles for the thirty pieces of silver of an executive order.

Representative Dave Obey served in Congress for over forty years. He has earned his retirement; for the taxpayer however, one only wishes this retirement had come a decade earlier.

It is likely that Sean Duffy will be the next Congressman from Northern Wisconsin. With the exception of his favorite founding father (Who has Alexander Hamilton as their favorite founder?), he sounds like an excellent man and one who will serve Wisconsin AND THE TAXPAYERS well.

He'll also be the first Real Worlder in Congress.

(The next Wisconsin retirements need to be Jim Sensenbrenner and Tom Petri, 30 years in Congress is probably enough)


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I haven't read the Regiment by John Dalmas, I assume you would recommend it?

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