Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recognitio, The Missal is Approved

The Vatican has approved the new English translation of the Roman Missal.

This means that perhaps as early as Advent 2011 (this December), the words of the Mass will be undergoing a significant change. This is a positive development as it will re-instill a sense of sacred language within the Roman Rite that has not existed since the Novus Ordo was instituted and the Tridetine Rite deemed extraordinary.

Rocco Palmo, the preeminent Catholic Blogger carries the announcement on his blog, Whispers in the Loggia.

For more information on the new translation you can go to:

The USCCB's special Revised Roman Missal Page and The Revised Roman Missal

This is an excellent development as it attempts to instill a higher and more divine language into the English celebration of the Sacrifice of the Mass. The new language not only contains a more sacred tone, but also offers a deeper and more theological understanding of what we profess and believe. Jesus Christ is no longer "One in being with the Father", but now He is "Con-substantial with the Father". This is a powerful theological truth that conveys a deeper and richer understanding of the relationship between Christ and the Father.

It is my belief that the new translation will be an enormous benefit because it will present an opportunity for the Church to re-catechize herself to the truths that we profess at Mass.

Echoing the words of the Vox Clara commission, we pray, "For the Church":

O God, who in your wonderful providence

decreed that Christ’s Kingdom

should be extended throughout the earth

and that all should become partakers

of his saving redemption;

grant, we pray, that your Church

may be the universal sacrament of salvation,

and that Christ may be revealed to all

as the hope of the nations and their Savior.

Who lives and reigns with you

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

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Virginia Meagher said...

The revised Missal will not be implemented in the US before the First Sunday of Advent at the end of 2011 - so 18+ months from now. The Bishops have promised the publishers at least one year to prepare all of their annuals. For the annual music publication "Breaking Bread" to be put out by OCP, the Year of Grace 2011 is actually already in print, and getting ready to ship this summer.

It appears that taking lessons from the last time there were changes like this, the episcopal conferences have all decided to take it slow, and ensure that they really have allowed enough time and done enough proactive work to prepared the priests and people as best as they can. So the proximate preparation is just getting started, with the plan that most of the actual preparation for the faithful will occur next year.

We actually don't even have the final text yet, even though there is final approval. There is still work being done on quite a number of points, including ensuring that prayers that are essentially the same are translated the same in different places. There is also a need to rework the entrance and communion antiphons with the revised Grail Psalter that was granted recognitio a few months back. There is a hope that there will be good consistency, and not a need to issue revisions in one to three years as errors are found.

So, it'll be Advent a year and half from now in the US. What other bishops' conferences decide to do is an open question at this point. But here, this is going to be a long and hopefully well done implementation. Hopefully we will take the opportunity to once again address not just what is being said, but why we are saying it, what it means, and what difference it should make in our lives in how we live our faith. Lofty goals, but we take the opportunities as they come.

I hope your move is going well!