Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Training

It is every Baseball fan's best time of the year. It is Spring Training when hope truly springs eternal.

This is the time of the year that every Cubs fan, despite 100 years of experience, believes the time has finally arrived and the Cubs will win the pennant. I am optimistic about the season, though the Cubs have some holes.

1. Left-handed power -- Who actually thinks Milton Bradley will stay healthy the entire season?
2. Starting Pitching -- I would feel much better with Jake Peavy. Will Zambrano and Harden stay healthy all season?
3. Utility Infielder -- What did we get for Mark DeRosa again?

So there are some major holes, but they are definitely a strong team and should compete against the Phillies and Mets for NL Dominance. Of course, that also assumes that the Cubs can win a playoff game. But Spring Training is a time of hope. But now is the time to believe.

So, tune your radio to WGN 720 AM. Turn on the TV to Comcast and WGN. And sing "Let's go Cubs".

You can also enjoy the World Baseball Classic where A-Rod can play for the USA one year, and the Dominican Republic the next (or pull out due to injury). The revelation about A-Rod and steroids destroyed the hope of many of us who viewed him as the great hope to push aside the steroid-enhanced Barry Bonds. This era is truly the Steroid Era and will have an asterisk by it forever. Hopefully someday, this chapter of Baseball will be closed, but for now, it is something we will have to live with.

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Matt said...

I believe the Mark DeRosa trade was for pitching prospects and a bag of magic beans. They're magic, I swear!

Also, I will be in Doha, Qatar from March 20-25 for work. I'll wave to you!